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The beginning; time to add fuel to the flames!

Be anything but Lukewarm.

Foundation scripture: Revelation 3:15-16

“(15) I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! (16) So, because you are lukewarm- neither hot nor cold- I am about to spit you out of My mouth.”

As people, we are angered when people give us half-hearted answers and responses, we are angered when people tell us ‘maybe’. I have said on numerous occasions, ‘I’d rather you just said yes or no, than say maybe and keep me hanging on’. So how dare we try flirt with God, say yes with our mouths but give our hearts away. Therefore, to me, in versus 15 God is saying, I’d rather you are honest with Me. Its either you do or don’t love me, at least I know where I stand and even then we know that God is forever faithful (2 Timothy 2v 13). But do not think you can serve me and the world, as we already know that you cannot serves two masters (Matthew 6 v 24), with money representing the world in this analogy. Hence those who desire to love God but also love themselves, the world and sin will be spat out of God’s mouth.

Those who want to be doing part-time Christians, want to be called a Christian but forget about Christ, want to proclaim victory but have no intention on being role models or fighting for the Kingdom. God is NOT like your good shoes that you only save for special occasions, for times when you need help to pass exams or get a job. He’s NOT a bit on the side that you ring up when your main squeeze aka the world’s busy, God’s name is NOT a name that unlocks revelation, healing, anointing and blessing for you on Sunday’s but you can’t find it in your phonebook on Monday’s-Saturdays.

Versus 16 is not a threat, but a promise, it is a vision of things to come. Some versions even use the word ‘vomit’. To me, to vomit is to cleanse the body of impurity, to rid the Kingdom of the unrighteous, to cure it of sickness. Don’t know about you, but I’m not trying to be a sickness in the Kingdom! And the thing is, being lukewarm can come in many different forms, being half-hearted is enough. He doesn’t love us half-heartedly, he surely doesn’t bless us half-heartedly and He doesn’t protect us half-heartedly, so why should we offer up a lukewarm heart, full of half-hearted praise and half-hearted prayers? Reading His word, with Eastenders on in the background, what makes the Mitchells more important than Him your all? Its funny how we revere worldly men, we wouldn’t dare to ignore or disrespectful our bosses like that, yet we do it to our Creator.

Even sometimes when you call on God but hold back is lukewarm, and you can do this knowingly or unknowingly: is He not enough for you to give your everything to? Whenever God calls us, but we put Him on hold to accept a call waiting from the world, we place other things above Him- that is being lukewarm. Pretending you can’t hear Him and sending Him to voicemail, in a bid to ignore the vision He’s placed in your heart because its easier than just saying ‘yes Lord, I will’, its all playing it cool with God. And when you start playing it cool with God, that when the devil appears and wants to see if you wanna start double dating! That’s why in all we do we must be prayerful, full of praise in every circumstance, mediating on His word and looking upwards to Him. Because the second you leave a gap, the devil is ready and waiting to try and fill it.

Over the summer, there has been a serious stirring in my spirit because I just feel that enough is enough. It’s either your living for God or your living for yourself. Because the world isn’t slowing down, and we Kingdom children equip ourselves to seriously fighting back. Its either you Go Hard Or Go Hell because the worse thing about being lukewarm, is that is sometimes not as obvious as being cold and we all know that the devil is a very good liar.  We talk about change and advancing the Kingdom yet we hold it back by being afraid to speak out, by compromising, and worst of all by being lukewarm. A change will come just depends on whether you wanna be a part of it. Either way, the devil will be put to shame, but I wanna be on the side that makes him mad! We’ve all been equipped with something and it’s only now that I’ve really realised what mine is: my mouth, my mind, but His words.

What will be your weapon?

Thanks for reading, I’ll make sure I update reguarly!!!!

Spread the word, feed a spirit, encourage a soul!



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