How to help a friend?

11 Dec

What to do when she’s slip sliding down that once trodden twice beaten track to ‘law’?

What should a friend do, try jump in and save her? But let’s not forget that no-one saves, except for Jesus, the One true Saviour..

So how do you warm a heart that once burned like coal, how do you defrost a heart that has now gone cold?

No-one forgets the reason they fell in love. Jesus was that sacrifice purer than a dove, a lamb we behold, Whose glory manifests ‘infinity’ fold..

So why do we chose to forget, is it so we can get our own way.. But there’s only One, One true God, One way..

Buried amidst our transgressions of self and world, we know right yet its easier to fall victim to wrong. When the alternative is to make a choice, make a noise, and rejoice in all the Lord has done, we chooses to hit mute, and bask in ignorance, cos you know they say its bliss.

Some people run, run so far they forget what they were running from.. Bury so deep, they don’t realise how far they’ve dug.. Fall of the track, they keep going irrespective of bruises.

But even if they’re blissfully unaware, for as long as you can see the truth, aren’t we here to correct our brethren in love, never forget all we do, we must do in love?

So how do you tell someone that they’re pressing repeat, and we’re all viewing the car crash that is their lives, help them to remember that Jesus can press stop and help them regain the wheel, help their wounds to heal.

So how do you help a friend, who’s rolling down that once trodden twice beaten track to ‘law’?

Its easier to condemn, judge and oppress, go all jeremy kyle and hope that shock tactics will work. Or you pray and let God work.

Bring it back to the heart, the Word and give it to Jesus. Jesus saves in ways we can’t fathom or understand, when the earth beneath you sinks, He is your solid ground. So you simply pray and He’ll make the way. Even when you don’t know the words to say, He takes our worries and prays on our behalf.

“For a saint is just a sinner who fell down, but got up”

Spread the word, feed a spirit, encourage a soul!


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