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Thank God Its (Good) Friday!!

Out here in Peru, the church I go to only has service on Saturday, which means I don’t have anywhere to fellowship on Good Friday today. So I spent some time, reflecting on what Good Friday means for me and the world. The finished work of Christ on the cross and the path His life took to get there. There are sometimes when if I’m stuck in traffic I turn back and go home rather than stick it out. Yet Jesus, even when He knew He would be handed over and crucified, He didn’t turn back, He held on. I imagine Him holding onto the Cross, bearing the pain and shame, just to see my face run across His mind. Even if just for me, Christ died needless to say, for the rest of the world. That all those years ago, His gift gave me new life and freedom from law and satan is humbling enough. This has added extra perspective to my year of service, in that it makes me think just how inclusive the act of serving is. It’s not only serving God through ministry, through heart and spirit, through a church, or even other people – its so much more. Jesus served to the extent that He gave up His life in a heartbeat. Jesus knew what was coming and He journeyed on through it all, didn’t turn back. As we reflect on and celebrate Holy Week, the life and death of Jesus truly shows us that true service means going all the way!

So I pray that all of us will really be launched in new season of ‘the Cross’, as Jesus said we’d have to take up our cross and follow Him, and it was also the Cross He died on that gave us new life. Jesus took up His cross in His years of ministry in parallel, we as born again/saved believers take up when we come to the knowledge and accept the truth and love of Jesus Christ – a metaphorical cross. Jesus dying on His cross was a physical cross and physical manifestation of Him walking in the absolute and perfect will of God Almighty. Then same can apply to us in the sense that as we stand in awe and reverence of the crucifixion and death of Jesus, we can live our lives from the perspective of the Cross.  It was a selfless act of service and honour. As Jesus’ body was nailed to it, so were our transgressions and iniquities (Isaiah 53) and in receiving freedom and a new life through the cross, we should take up our cross with a new outlook on what it meant for Jesus to serve us. Mark 10:45 says that “For the Son of man also came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” For us, our physical crosses will not be crucifixion but rather it can become manifest through other things. A few words that can even begin to describe the finished worked of Christ that come to mind are service, honour, freedom. These are areas of our faith we can walk in and always grow in.

Just like Jesus served us through His ministry and honored God through His obedience to His purpose on the cross, we can serve the world through our ministry and obedience to what God has purposed in our hearts. More than ever, the world needs the people of God to do the work of God in a world that is increasing and ironically drawing nearer to the darkness, as opposed to the Light. Just like the cross brought us freedom from law and the old covenant (Hebrews 7:18- 8:13), we can also bring freedom to the lives of people we know and encounter. Praying for people and praying for the world. Or like Paul encouraged us to pray for our leaders, it was just this week that David Cameron publically discussed the role of ‘we’ Christians (inc himself in that) in the world. Christianity is something that politicians shy from publically discussing but Cameron stepped out. We could also pray for freedom in the world, God would love to see His children lifting one another up in prayer, praying for His transforming love to set others free.

The David Cameron article can be found here:

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