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Forget the City, What About Sex in The Church?

Let’s talk about sex baby….. Errrm, actually let’s not.

Now if there’s one thing the church of Jesus is, is INCONSISTENT. One denomination will teach members not to be physical in any way shape or form in order to preserve the brother-sister relationship should the relationship not work. Some will permit cuddling, others will encourage couples not to share beds overnight, some will insist couples date in groups and others will not touch the subject. So imagine my lack of surprise when talking to other Christians about dating, relationships etc and discovering that most people had such varying opinions.

When it comes to teaching on relationships, dating & sex the church isn’t doing enough to equip the youth of today with godly knowledge and sound doctrinal teaching on this issue. I see a lot of recreational dating in the church and see young adults changing partners as frequently as Kelly Rowland changed her wigs during XFactor. Lord have mercy!

The one thing the church does teach in a very basic 101 type way is the message of sexual abstinence. Even this is done in the conventional ‘sex is a gift from God and only meant for married folk´ type of way. Yet as long as two people have functioning organs and can engage in sexual activity if they choose to, they’ll need a deeper understanding to persuade them to do otherwise. The church does not do enough to equip its body –especially young people- with the correct understanding of the type of gift sex is and why we are encouraged to engage in it within the confines of marriage. Hosea 4:6 tells us that a lack of knowledge destroys the people, so as the church it is our corporate responsibility to impart that knowledge to those without it. Rehearsing the line that sex leads to a baby makes me yawn, its old, tired and doesn’t scratch the surface. Sex is also to be enjoyed and that is what draws people in. Some people think that if they are enjoying it and not getting pregnant/keeping the baby – there’s no evidence of the sin and they can consequently keep doing it. This is the mindset the church needs to break down.

Sometimes when you multiply you also end up dividing

I was ministering to a friend on sexual purity and the Holy Spirit dropped a word that even had me like daaangg! When it comes to sexual relationships and entertaining the spirit of lust, think of every person you’ve ever been sexual with – and now imagine you they’re queued up outside your bedroom on your wedding night. How many people do you want your spouse to have to fight through to get to you? That’s why it’s also important to break soul ties (google it).

For every piece of you that you gave away, imagine your spouse has to spend the night going to reclaim them back from your exs and past sexual lovers – would you want them to have to go through that pain. You can’t be with multiple people without creating a bond, it doesn’t even have to sexual or physical, it an equally be emotional. But for every person you connect with in a relationship based on Eros love, you leave a piece of you with them. Another man knowing how you think, what turns you on, how your lips taste, what makes you hurt or happy – It’s with them for life. Be careful about the pieces of yourself you live with/in other people.


The church preaches sexual abstinence but at the same time who is going to teach on emotional and mental abstinence & the repercussions on the heart, mind & spirit? Sexualisation doesn’t only happen in the bedroom, it happens in your mind and heart. Media, entertainment etc has created an environment that encourages us to lust and thirst after members of the opposite gender. If it isn’t Rhi rhi posting pics of her nakedness on Instagram; its topless adverts of David Beckham trying to sell perfume. Lust as a spirit has enveloped the world and this isn’t something new. Sexually motivated crimes are soaring the world over, because people are consumed by the spirit of lust, some are trying to recreate porn/anime-esque fantasies and other have lost self-control.

Lust in itself is potentially more dangerous than the way it is manifested because it changes the heart and mindset of the person it has now held captive. The physical sexual act is one thing, but the spiritual transaction is another. What has occurred in the spiritual heart & mind has a longer lasting impact than the act itself. The connections and bond people from with their sexual partners exist once that partner has been & gone. The attitudes that are built towards sex last long after the act is over.

First comes love, then comes marriage, then come Shelly Ann with a baby’s carriage???

In school we would tease one another with the limerick that heads up this section. However, this isn’t necessarily representative of modern day society, and not even within the church. It’s a rarity for love to come first, then marriage and then for Shelly Ann to come strutting in her yummy mummy heels pushing her baby’ carriage. Nowadays the remix flips it on its head like – first comes like, then comes love, then comes co-habiting, then comes baby. Marriage rears its head somewhere down the line.

So like all things in life, our attitude to sex must be governed through the lens of boundaries. The church needs to help people understand why we have those boundaries in the first place and provide practical ways to maintain them. Pastor’s, talk to your congregation about sexual morality & youth ministries, educate your youth on sexual purity.

Let’s talk about babies. Now let me put something out in the hemisphere before I get inundated with a barrage of tweets & comments, a baby is always a blessing. I repeat, ALWAYS! To keep a child especially when you’re young or when you don’t feel prepared in life is a noble thing. Afterall, not everybody makes the decision to bring their child into the world and the expectations of many lives are cut off by the hands of their parents. We are still seeking the cure of cancers & HIV/AIDS, but who knows if one of the hundreds of millions of lives lost through abortion could have found the cure? So thank you for honouring the life God has given you charge over.

But life is a gift and a gift is something you’re given and do not take. Are you still with me?  There is marked difference between picking your present from under the Christmas tree AND having someone pick it out for you and hand it to you. Life is always to be protected and respected and the circumstances through which a child is conceived should not be held against the destiny of that child if you get my drift. However, promiscuity within the church is why we attend more baby showers than weddings. We all know the correct scriptures to quote, we’re all sinners and so we know how to repent. But its because we know how to repent that our sin remains hidden, people deal with it by themselves and the church is increasingly reluctant to talk about sexual sin. When they do, it’s sometimes a brief chat on sex that is left in the hands of the members to adhere to, and work it out with God. Church, we need to do more. Imagine we had to go and confess to another person or stand before a priest or community and confess our sin – surely we’d think twice about the way we slip up right? Imagine if God held a tally of promiscuity against each church and on judgement day the church leadership were held accountable – I’m sure the body would do more.

Just because you’re not having sex with another person doesn’t mean you’re not having sex.

It’s sad because we have so misunderstood sex as a concept and act, that people honestly think they can watch pornography and boast to be virginal abstinent Christians. Even within the church we now have such a warped view of sex that many honestly feel that they can do everything under the sun that doesn’t involve penetration and be on the right side of sin.

Back in April, my pastor preached on family and amongst it all he shared a word on the ills of masturbation and the spiritual implications. He said that if you replicate a sexual experience with yourself, guess what, you’ve just has sex with yourself. When he said that I was thinking to myself ‘drop the mic, church is dismissed’. That was one of the realest statements I’ve ever heard come from a pulpit in a message about family & sexual purity in the home. Just because you’re not having sex with another person, taking yourself to a sexual dimension designed to be enjoyed by two people means you’re having sex with yourself and in doing so, only God knows how many other spirits are present. Likewise, pornography not only has physical implications, its warps the mind through fiction. The gift of sex as given by God is based on real love not lustful fantasies. Even to those that are married, there is no place for pornography in your bedroom. Do not defile one another nor your marriage by building an altar to pornography.

This is something that I feel has crept in to the church as a result of blurred lines. The old school church is too scared to teach on sex, the new church is too scared to sound like its condemning. So it’s a topic left untouched. I’m NOT condemning anybody, I do not sit enthroned above the circle of the earth nor do I look down on the world and view us like grasshoppers – read Isaiah. But I do hope to convict somebody. Grace covers and it covers those who repent, but let’s be REAL with ourselves when it comes to sexual purity and the church. I don’t expect the church to take register or have a roll call to see who was sexually faithful or abstinent that week. But I do expect the church to rebuke the lies that have infiltrated the church. I do expect the church to equip its members with the correct knowledge and I do expect the church to also be a safe place where people can seek answers to the things they do not understand.

So, once again I hope you enjoyed the post and it gave you plenty of food for thought – just call me a spiritual soup kitchen!

So let’s spread the word, feed a spirit, encourage a soul!

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Relationships – Dating (Part 2)

Boundaries – “And you say he’s just a friend”

So along with terminology, it’s advisable to place boundaries on relational interactions. I’ve noticed that there are girls who love the attention of all & sundry, and then there are classier babes who love the attention of one! Young men/women we need to understand that relationships are not a play, we are not actors trying to earn rave reviews from the general public. Instead, we should desire to perform only to an audience of one; the person you have chosen to be with. Through choice and default, that one person will naturally be your co-director, co-writer, co-actor, co-everything. Attention is good and we all like for it to be lavished upon us, but not when it’s coming from the wrong people.

We all have that one girl-friend who has this one guy-friend that she interacts with on a whole new level. As in, you’re never exactly sure if they’re just friends or flirting their way into a relationship. That’s dangerous, if you don’t know where you stand something needs to change. Either your behaviour with that person or the situation fullstop. The amount of girls that that be like ‘he’s like my best friend’ I always challenge them and say there’s no such thing as ‘like’ when it comes to relationships. Proper relationships are absolute. So he either is your friend or he isn’t. He either is your boyfriend or he isn’t and he either is your husband or he isn’t. This is why I say you need to know your role and play it well. If you’re a friend be a friend, and have boundaries on that friendship or else you end up playing the substitute girlfriend. Likewise, guys quit doing too much and operate within the parameters that have been set for you. I’m not trying to be your rent-a-boothang and I sure as hell ain’t trying to be your have a go side chick! So you either are or aren’t my friend, don’t come around me trying to blur lines. Because, by allowing yourself to play a role you didn’t audition for means that when another girl rightfully earns her part in the play, guess whose regulated to the role of understudy…….YOU! Don’t play a role for a part you didn’t audition for. So if you play the substitute girlfriend don’t be surprised when you’re called off the pitch for the real player.

Substitute Boyfriend — The Long game

Now there are some guys who will happily play the substitute boyfriend. They’ll sit on the bench and watch the Beckham-Torres-Messi type characters get to work and wait patiently – afterall, they’ll eventually get tired and be called off the pitch right?. They play the long game. I’ve seen some long games evolve into marriage and good on them because the guy gave the girl time to see the treasure he had within. But at the same time, there is a mild element of deception involved in this long game which unsettles me. When a girl tells a guy upfront she has no interest in him, for those who aren’t consumed with pride and pack their load to find a new target, the others settle for friendship. Nothing’s wrong with friendship right? However, these guys will agree to the new t&cs that clearly inform them that the only future they have with you is friendship, but won’t sign on the dotted line. Some of these guys then pack their load but move into two houses. They unpack their bags to occupy physical residence in the Friendzone whilst undertaking an emotional mortgage in the land of ‘what if’. Similarly to that bedroom furniture company, this is also a land of dreams! It’s a secret place filled with the dreams of men, thinking of ways to one day make you theirs.

Substitute Boyfriend ——–> Man of the Match

Now, some guys are wilful enough to get off the bench, prove themselves and make the first team. Good things come to those who act! These guys will start to put in work early and do overtime to develop a relationship with you whereby they treat you like you’re their girlfriend – just without the title. They’ll be a friend, then a good friend, then a close friend and some may even graduate to the position of best friend. They allow you to get comfortable with them, confide in them and for some, start to imagine your life with them. They’ll be your shoulder to cry on and that ear to listen when your love-interest/ boyfriend is misbehaving. They’ll be your safety net and constant as things start changing around you. They’ll learn all the things you think you want in a man and be all the things they can see that you need. Eventually be it months or years later, they’ll show up at your door with roses and a declaration of love. This is the long game. A long-gamer waits till all the Beckhams have gotten tired and you need a new player to head onto the pitch. They’ll be that guy! With a fresh trim, boot and kits they come running onto the pitch of your life and score their way into your heart. But in this light, the long game isn’t necessarily bad is it?

Sometimes we have such a fixed idea of a type, we don’t seek out our match. We want someone who is dressed up in the exact packaging we require and will not settle for anything less. I always say be careful what you pray for, you just might get it! So sometimes a long-gamer can show you what it is you need after you’ve suffered at the hand of what you thought you wanted. And I guess American movies have thought us that we’ll all marry the friend that has loved us since high school but was too shy to declare his love, so he waited patiently by our side as we messed around with the football stud, baseball star and the DJ.

But on the flipside I won’t tell lies, long-gamers do upset me a little bit. It makes me question the authenticity of the friendship because it then feels like you weren’t being honest with me after I was honest with you. There’s no situation more awkward than telling a guy you do not like him nor have any desire to be with him, he plays the long game, confesses his undying love for you, you still do not like him and tell him so, and it alters the course of that friendship. The nature of the friendship changes and sometime you even lose that guy friend all because he thought he could change your mind about him. Was our friendship purely based on the hope that you’d reap the specific fruit you desired? But why when I clearly told you you’d only reap mango, were you still hoping that you’ll one day see passionfruit? This is the element of pretence and ingenuity in the long game that unsettles me. It actually makes me upset when months/years pass by and a guy wants to change the nature of a friendship I so clearly told him only had one outcome. It’s different if during the friendship I catch the revelation to and then let it be known that we’re headed in a different direction, but if I haven’t – don’t ruin a good thing. Keep your feelings to yourself LOL! That sounds selfish right? So to all the guys, if a girl is really not interested but you are, assess the risk of losing a great friendship V gaining your life partner. If the risk is too great and outcome unlikely, wait and be patient. Patience demands that we give ourselves time to outgrow our emotions. When I was aged 13-15 I was head over heels besotted with Usher, but I grew out of it. Likewise, you will too.

This ends the section on Dating. Next up is Sex, to be followed by Marriage.

So let’s spread the word, feed a spirit, encourage a soul!

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Relationships – Dating (Part 1)

So I was minding my business, just living life back in May and somebody tweeted the link to a preach by Paul Washer called ‘Are You Ready For A Relationship?’ The title intrigued me so I thought I’d give it a whiskers. I literally got about 10mins in and the Holy Spirit stared talking to me about the church & relationships. It then expanded into other areas (even as I was typing this up) and this blog post is the result of that download. I’ve tried to structure it into 3 parts and then have sub-sections within that as its a LONG post; (1) Dating, (2) Sex & (3) Marriage. Now I am not an expert on any of the above but I do hope to shed some light as instructed by the Holy Spirit. Listo!


Heresy of recreational dating

What stood out to me in his sermon was when Paul Washer condemned the ‘Heresy of Recreational Dating’. Wherever you are in the world Paul washer, I’d like to thank you for speaking about this from your pulpit. This is an idea I fully subscribe to. Just for context sake, this is when young people, Christian or not, date recreationally without serious intention or informed pursuit of the opposite sex. Just dating for the fun of it without any long term thought or intention. As a young woman in Christ, intention for me is everything because if a person has noble intentions they also act nobly etc.

Now neither he or I am saying that every person you date will be Mr/Mrs ‘right’, however I do feel that we much be selective about who you chose to date. This then means that if you have a classier attitude to dating and the mindset that enters a dating relationship with an outcome in mind, you are less likely to go on dates for fun. As opposed to wasting time awakening ‘love’ before its time and playing knock down ginger on the hearts of many, you’ll only step up to the plate when the meal you like is being served – ya dig! Let’s be real, if love was a buffet, we all know people that would go up and endeavour to try everything. Likewise, we also know people that are very strategic at buffets and try to get the best of what its offering without being distracted by side dishes. These people know exactly what they like, what they seek, what they desire, what will satisfy them and will go after exactly that. Time is an investment, so surely it’s better to seek a positive return on investment? This is not to say every dating relationship will blossom into marriage, but rather if you enter the relationship with specific intentions, you’ll probably learn some important things as you depart the relationship about what it is you will then require in the future.

Consumer dating

He also spoke about dating based on the ‘consumer mentality, test driving several models before making a commitment’. This is something that I’ve never really understood but my lack of understanding doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen right. This is part of our new social ideal, try before you buy, compare the However, relationships are about commitment. It doesn’t matter what type of ‘ship’ it is, whether friendship or an eros relationship – it is essential to be committed to a long term vision. If we look at the successful people in the world, they didn’t operate in the realm of seeing where it goes, they were intentional. So after a while, you need to ask yourself, is this ‘ship’ going somewhere? If it is, be intentional about getting to that destination. If it’s not, be tactful and end it.

Every Tom, Segun & Dwayne

Rather than the dating experience to be about getting to know a person, people use it as an opportunity to get to know everybody all at once. Fellas – carrying different girls round town is not cool. Ladies – being seen on the arm of different men is equally as unattractive. Be selective in your dating. Dating is a choice. You are not given someone but rather for one reason or another, you chose to approach the other person. It’s only fair you then give them a chance. You eliminate their privilege of a fair chance when you turn dating into a competition. You spread yourself thin when you try to be all things to all men, and that’s how I view recreational/ consumer dating. It pays to be selective because the more people talking in your ear, the more you have to filter when it comes to making a serious decision.

Terminology – who you calling sexy?

Word, words, words… Guys both in & out of the church will pay you all types of indirect, sideways, duplicitous or subtle comments and compliments. Now don’t get me wrong, I not saying a brother can’t pay a sister a compliment but don’t be seedy with. Likewise, I’m not saying a guy can’t use his comments or compliments to drop those subtle ‘I like you’ hints. But be serious about the dialogue, same for ladies. Guys be like ‘You look sweet’ – is my surname Skittles? ‘You look tasty’ – am I jellof fried with assorted meats? Ok, I’m playing but my point is, the way fellow brothers & sisters in Christ talk you and what you allow them to say to you can create a number of outcomes. If you are both aligned in what is being said, it can create a positive outcome. If not, it can create situations where lines are blurred and someone gets the wrong idea about the nature of the relationship. If you can tell someone likes you through the way they address you and you don’t like them back, find a way to deflect the attention strictly towards the friendzone. Now, TRUST me when I say it’s easier said than done but it is necessary. This is especially hard in the church (or workplace) because unlike an outside setting, you will most likely see this person every week or multiple times a week depending on both your church attendance, so its key to be sensitive and tactful. Church is the last place anybody wants to feel awkward or rejected *sigh*. And to be honest, part of being grown, is learning to check someone who you feel has incorrect expectation from the relationship thy have mustered up with you. I have brothers and I always endeavour to treat other males how I would want a female to treat my brothers because I would not be happy if a fellow female treated my brothers unfairly. So paying someone a politely worded compliment or acknowledging their beauty is fine and is not lustful (if our mind is in check) in my opinion. It is an undeniable problem however, when a compliment is turnt all the way up – on the wrong side of the scale.

Some guys are straight out of the 1950s gentlemen and others are straight out of the gutter disrespectful. I’ve seen who are controlled by their inner animal, howling and cat-calling to women on the streets of London. We’ve all seen those pictures up on instagram and twitter that encourage disgusting comments from the queue of thirsty boys, tripping over themselves to tell that girl all the things they’d do to her if they had the chance. Is this life? Let’s be vigilant as to how we carry ourselves and what our giving out is bringing back in. Even in the church, the way some guys & gals handle themselves and interact with one another can cross that brother –sister in Christ boundary.

‘You look sexy’ – Gosh I haven’t heard that since I was probably 18 or 19 and was probably in a club *covers eyes*. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks and when a call is calling you sexy, two of his mouths are speaking. One on his face and the other in his trousers. There is nothing more cringe-worthy than seeing a guy call a girl sexy and her face light up like a Christmas tree. Sexy as a term has become some sort of status people have been chasing since Kim K & Rhi Rhi took hold of American culture and they cascaded it down to the rest of the world. Now this point is purely my own opinion and I have no overt biblical scripture to support it so y’all can go ahead and work out your own salvation with fear & trembling. But for me the use of the word sexy, just makes me feel like a guy is standing there and imagining what it would be like to have sex with you. Dramatic perhaps but my honest opinion. Guys never call you sexy with a smile, but they pull a seedy lip biting smutty face and you know what’s going through both their mouth and minds. Likewise when a guy calls a girl cute/beautiful/gorgeous it usually from a different place (huge generalisation I know). But it’s a different type of appreciation that rarely relies on the appearance of the body (like sexy). We can all put on a tight figure hugging low cut dress and run out of fingers when counting the amount of guys that will jump out of the bushes to call us sexy. But there’s a lot more class than goes into being beautiful. We all know physically pleasing people that are not very nice people. So let’s focus on being beautiful from the inside outside. A pretty face can get a man but it won’t keep a man! A nice body will make a girl smile, but a man of integrity will make her heart smile. Just for clarity sake, I am not Jesus, I did not die for you, I will not judge you once we’ve been raptured so this is just my opinion. You are fully entitled to your own opinion and I’d love to hear them

Ultimately, as a woman of God it is your prerogative & responsibility to inform others of how they should approach you. Learn how to hold something back. The eye wants what it sees that it can already have. The heart wants what is hidden and worth finding! Nobody wants a guy/girl who appears readily available to all and sundry. You can be confident but hidden at the same time. Learn how to carry yourself with dignity. I always say you should already start walking in what it is you’re expecting. The day you say ‘I do’ should not be the day you should be transformed into a classy wife. Deep calls out to deep, so you should know who looks familiar.

I’ll post Part 2 to the Dating segment in a bit!

So let’s spread the word, feed a spirit, encourage a soul!

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Forget Saving The World, Revival Needs To Visit The Church First (Part 2)

So here’s part 2 and I hope you liked Part 1. For those of you reading this anew, post 1 should be below this one.

Above all I really hope this post gives you some spiritual food for thought.

The harsh and sad fact of the matter is that we have too many people playing church, some talking church and not enough people BEING the church. But then again you can’t be what you aren’t right? You can talk a good game, but that’s all it is – game. Christianity isn’t a game. You go to Asia and you see people risking their lives to preach the gospel, risking their lives to worship God and you tell me about games. We look at the heart wrenching state of the world and say ‘Jesus is coming back soon’ ‘Jesus take the wheel’ ‘I wish it was the rapture already’. But is this really the church you expect Jesus to come back for? We pray for revival forgetting that the church is in dire need of one itself. There are some of us that look so alike our worldly counterparts, they see us behaving contrary to the will of God and through our participation, feel like it’s legitimate. “Ahh well if the Christians are doing it, can’t be too bad then right?” No, wrong!

We’re confused and blinding ourselves from the truth if we think that it’s only the world that has the problem. We look outside the window and say this is the destruction and uprisings that the bible predicts will come to pass and use this to infer that its end times. But Jesus is coming back for a church worthy of His presence. Where is that church? Let me know when you find it please and leave a comment below *I hope my sarcasm isn’t being wasted on you :/*. Yet the irony is you have people walking around flying the banner of Christianity and living diametrically opposed to everything it teaches us. Like I said, this isn’t to fire shots because in reality I don’t have time for that. But I’m begging that it will serve as a wakeup call for just one person. Is the life you’re living really all Jesus died to give you? Let’s be real, you know there’s more and you can do better to honour that life.

The church in itself has become a place synonymous with compromise and consequently the people within have started to adopt that mantra. I’m sick to my stomach seeing people abuse the title Christian within church. If the rapture struck one fateful Sunday, some people actually think they’ll be safe because they’ll be in church that day. Don’t make me laugh, if I had any say in the matter, I’d beg heaven to start in the church first! The church is slowly becoming a place where we feel comfortable exchanging the truth of God for a lie, and some of us know that is exactly what we are doing. But that’s for another post. The church is sick, weakened and perverted by the influence of the world. Now we see that the very things that were nailed to that cross on Calvary have not only been retrieved from the pits of hell, they’ve been let loose into the church. Corporately, we’ve become nothing more than a gaggle of fronting, stunting masquerades. Social clubs masquerading as the church, brothels masquerading as the church, fraud gangs masquerading as the church, embezzlers masquerading as the church, child abusers & paedophiles masquerading as the church, homosexuals masquerading as the church, home-wreckers masquerading as the church. You name it, the church has absorbed these spirits into its core. Right now the church is a mess; we’ve become a damaged and filthy bride in a stain dressed on her wedding day. Jesus is coming back for His bride, but knowing what the church is like today – would you even wait at the aisle?

Now when I look at the lives of the Israelites who thought they could cheat on God at every given opportunity, I also remember that it was not every Israelite that made it to the Promised Land, but a mere few, a remnant. Allow me to go off tangent and then bring you back round if you will ;). Exodus 32 is an amazing chapter and I’ll tell you why now. The people grew impatient and despite knowing better, Aaron allowed himself to be corrupted by his fellow brothers & sisters. His will was crushed under the weight of peer pressure and he made the golden calf.  This for me stood out because we see that Aaron went with the majority despite the fact the majority was in the wrong. So just like Aaron was ‘forced’ into something wrong by his fellow Jewish brothers & sister, many of us enter sinful situations because our other Christian brothers & sisters are in them. Sometimes we are dragged in, other times we happily skip along. Like I said before, Christian participation sometimes serves to legitimise bad behaviour in the world and the same happens within a Christian-Christian paradigm. Be careful about the Christian company you keep and the self designed doctrines they try to encourage you to adhere to. If it’s not of God, it’s simply that. Do you remember how things ended in Exodus 32? Well three thousand people were killed by the sword of the Levites and several others died by a plague cast on them by the Lord because they willing partook in something that subverted the agenda of God. Birds of a feather flock together, and eventually all pigs get stuck in the mud. Just saying. I just hope we’ll never have to understand the true meaning of ride or die.


The majority looks sweet right about now and it’s understandable as the church is our place of fellowship where we rightly make social connections. But I urge you to be conscious and vigilant of the ‘Christian’ friends you allow to influence you. You can be hot as a volcano but if you are chilling with an arctic group of Christian friends, they’ll eventually put out your flame. So hear me when I say that now is NOT the time to play down your Christianity to fit in. Lukewarmness often occurs through dilution, your light &flame is not meant to be dim hidden under a bushel but rather it’s to be set upon a mountain top, a city set upon a hill! So don’t dull! So you know what, I’m packing my load and I’m off to build that city at the top of the hill, join me and we’ll start house by house. We can be that city set on the hill, a new city, a new wave of Christians seeking and hungering for righteousness waiting to be filled. We can be the example to others to show them type of church Jesus died for, because when I metaphorically stand in the church and look around, dare I say it, He didn’t die for this.

Doing your part

I challenge you all today to pray to God and ask Him to open your eyes to the things around you, this is not the season to see the hand of God move and not understand why. This call to righteousness has not come out of nowhere; God is seeking a people who will turn from their wicked ways and return to the true agenda of God. 2 Chronicles 7:14 tells us that “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” I equally challenge you to seek God to show you His heart and to break it for what breaks His so you may truly carry a heart that longs to serve Him in spirit & truth. About two-odd years ago I did this and my life hasn’t been the same. It’s not the type of thing you can switch on and off, so don’t pray that prayer of exchanging hearts if you are not ready to lay down all you know to serve from that position. It’s all well and good to serve from a place of the comfortable; we all like it there because we know it so well. But I dear you to step out into the necessary! We don’t need a church that is comfortable with sin, comfortable with the world ruling its agenda, we need a church that will forcibly carry the heart of God in the church & world. Church is more than a Sunday show, cute outfit, a few social media status and verses once in a while. Church is a state of mind. Like I said in my previous posts on Standing in the workplace, you are the church in your place of work; work is your ministry. You are the church, it’s time to make sure you are doing your part. Enough really is enough, the bad seed need to stop corrupting the good seed. Lukewarmers need to make up their minds, you’re either in or out, but your indecisive is bringing in a hefty draft into the church. You are either a lovely warm summer day or bitterly cold winter chill, but living in London I can assuredly tell you I’ve never seen a rainbow at Christmas. December weather has done us all a favour and made up its mind about which way it will go, now its your turn. You will either serve God in righteousness and be on the side of change or you’ll be part of the problem. Might sound harsh, but salvation isn’t relative it’s absolute.

So why don’t we go back to a church striving to be the perfect bride Jesus will come back for. A church so lost in God, the world has to fight Him to invade us! Let’s build the church as an offering to God as the place where He is revealed to us, like Jacob did in Genesis 35. Bethel is not only a physical place of worship, it’s a spiritual place of fellowship with God. The church is not just the four walls of any building, but it lies within the four walls of your heart. Do you know why? Because that should be the place where Jesus lives.

So let’s spread the word, feed a spirit, encourage a soul!

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Tolz x

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